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Dr. Stacey Brisman Receives ‘Achievements in Healthcare’ Award by Long Island Business News

February 26, 2021
Press Release

Greenvale, NY
February 25, 2021

Walk-in Dermatology’s medical director, Dr. Stacey Brisman, is being honored by the Long Island Business News with an Achievements in Healthcare Award. The Long Island Business News Achievements in Healthcare Awards aims to recognize excellence, promote innovation, and highlight professionals whose tireless work, contributions and dedication to healthcare ensure the well-being of everyone on Long Island.

Dr. Brisman identified a major problem with dermatology care on Long Island – it takes too long to get a dermatology appointment. 

In many fields of healthcare – but especially in dermatology – faster access to care means better patient outcomes.  Dr. Brisman’s idea for Walk-in Dermatology was to create a more convenient setting for dermatology services so that patients don’t have to wait to receive the care they need. Dr. Brisman created Walk-in Dermatology to address this need for more timely dermatologic care.

Dr. Brisman’s vision was born in 2018 and today she oversees a growing dermatology business that will open additional offices on Long Island within the next year. Whether patients see Walk-in Dermatology’s physicians in person or remotely using their Video Visit software, the company’s mission is the same: to provide the best dermatologic care using ultra-modern technology and a same-day scheduling approach akin to urgent care.

Walk-in Dermatology offers a full range of medical and cosmetic dermatology services and accepts most major insurance plans. For more information or to book an appointment, call (516) 621-1982.