Helpful Tips

A Video Visit is similar to an office visit, only instead of traveling to see your dermatologist you can video conference with them from your home.

We want your Video Visit with us to be just as exceptional as an in-person office visit. To make your Video Visit experience terrific, we’ve put together the following useful tips which will help you – and your dermatologist – maximize the time you spend together evaluating your issue and addressing any specific concerns.

If you need assistance preparing for your Video Visit, or if you have any other questions, please call or email team@walkindermatology.com.

Tutorial on how to set up your Video Visit with Walk-in Dermatology

Preparing your mobile device for the Video Visit

We use the Spruce Health app for our Video Visits. This app is HIPAA compliant and easy to install and use. If you have a microphone and camera on your desktop computer, you can login on the Spruce Health website – although most of our patients use a mobile device or tablet. If you haven’t already done so, you can download the app that’s easiest for you using these links below.

Prior to your scheduled Video Visit appointment, make sure your camera and microphone work and your internet connection is as strong as possible. So, if you’re doing the Video Visit from your home, you may want to position yourself where your Wi-Fi signal is strongest.

Also, make sure your camera lens is clean and free of dust. This includes both the forward and rear-facing camera, if you have two cameras on your device. We find a paper towel works best to clean the lens, although most any soft cloth will work.

Preparing yourself for the Video Visit

Just before your appointment, you should position yourself in a private setting which you can remain in for the duration of your Video Visit. Ideally, you should be in a seated position with your device propped up in front of you. It’s important that your device is stable so positioning the device in a fixed location is ideal. Your dermatologist will be able to best evaluate any condition if they are able to see you clearly.

During your time with the dermatologist, they may ask you to pick up your device to show them a specific area of your skin, hair or nails. Make sure you are dressed in a way that allows your dermatologist to easily see your issue. And should you be asked to move your device to show the dermatologist your issue, please be mindful of any movement of the device by holding it as steady as possible.

One final tip: Since dermatology is a visual field of medicine, even small details like lighting can make a big difference. Make sure you are positioned in an area with adequate overhead lighting. While window lighting can provide a nice natural light, sometimes window lighting creates shadows or glare. So, if you have the option, position yourself in an area that has overhead lighting as opposed to light coming through a window, or light shining on you from an angle.

If you need assistance preparing for your Video Visit, or if you have any other questions, please call us or email team@walkindermatology.com. We will respond to you promptly.

Scheduling your Video Visit is as easy as scheduling an appointment with us as you would ordinarily do. You can call us to schedule or you can schedule by clicking this link.