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How to Practice ‘Skinimalism’

Simplify your skin-care routine, simplify your life
November 1, 2021

Call it minimal skincare. Skin minimalism. Or, for brevity’s sake, let’s just call it Skinimalism. It’s a growing trend in skincare that promotes natural skin without a reliance on an elaborate beauty regimen or the heavy use of makeup.

The idea behind the aesthetic is to reveal your skin’s natural beauty, imperfections and all, rather than paint your face with layers of primer, concealer and foundation. Got freckles? Show them off. Beauty mole? So be it.

Skinimalism is also related to body positivity and the belief that all people are beautiful in their own way.

The practice of cutting down on the number of products you use on your face is based on the notion that your skin will then be able to repair and rejuvenate on its own.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It holds us together and does a remarkable job of protecting the body from life’s hazards. These include UV rays, bacteria and germs. The skin is our first line of defense against toxins, harmful pollutants and temperature extremes. Our bodies evolved to the stage where the skin can repair itself from all but the most extreme damage.

Skinimalists soon realize that by not covering up, they allow their skin to take care of itself. A more natural look also comes from putting away the makeup. Too much foundation or makeup, especially if it’s applied unevenly, can make the skin look unnatural. In fact, it’s pretty obvious when makeup has been caked on to hide any perceived imperfections. If makeup calls attention to itself, the purpose of using makeup in the first place has been defeated.

Who came up with Skinimalism?

Pandemic lockdowns probably sparked the trend in skinimalism, with people going out less frequently and not needing to apply makeup as often. When you stop or at least pause wearing makeup, you’re giving your skin the opportunity to breathe and be exposed to light. These factors alone often result in an improvement in skin tone and texture. Skinimalism began to catch on during the pandemic as people started noticing improvements in their skin – because they had stopped applying makeup every day.

Essentially all skin types can benefit from the practice of skinimalism, although people prone to rashes or acne will often see even better results. Makeup by its very composition blocks skin pores, which is an invitation to acne. Even moisturizers, which are intended to rejuvenate the skin, will clog pores.

For individuals with chronic skin conditions, eliminating (or at least scaling back) the use of makeup and beauty products can help solve the problem.

If you can winnow the products you use down to just a daily cleanser, you’ve reached the ultimate in skinimalism. Dermatologists still recommend a quality cleanser to remove oil and dirt from the face so your skin can breathe, rejuvenate and achieve a healthy glow.

The skinimalist knows her skin is an incredible organism and trusts that over time her skin will rejuvenate itself without reliance on a lot of products.

Skinimalism costs a lot less

Finally, think of the money you’ll save. Makeup is not cheap. Elaborate skincare routines can cost serious money over time.

SkinStore.com surveyed 3,000 women age 16 to 75 and found that they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime, wearing about $8 worth of cosmetics and skincare products daily. That’s just the average expense. That’s $240 a month or nearly $3,000 a year. By using fewer of these products – and less frequently – you’ll have a little extra disposable income. That’s a win.

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