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Now at Walk-in Dermatology: The Skinscope LED

Diagnostic technology to take your skincare to the next level
February 28, 2023

At Walk-in Dermatology, you can be assured that the latest tools and techniques are available to take care of your skin. That’s why we now offer the Skinscope LED diagnostic system to provide a fast, accurate diagnosis of facial skin conditions that you may not be able to see just by looking in the mirror.

The Skinscope LED is designed to reveal underlying skin concerns so our dermatologists can make enhanced patient recommendations. For the best diagnosis, we recommend coming to your appointment without makeup or sunscreen.

The Skinscope enables a detailed inspection of visible concerns on the face such as wrinkles, redness, acne, dryness and uneven skin tone.

When set to the LED-UV mode, the Skinscope provides a clear look at sub-surface skin damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

The results of your exam are available immediately. Then your dermatologist or aesthetician will discuss with you the best treatment plan and regimen to meet your needs.

You save time and receive an immediate and accurate diagnosis of your skin. This is the next generation of full-face skin diagnostics.

How the Skinscope Works

The SkinScope LED includes two light modes: Daylight, and LED-UV, and allows for the use of any smartphone to document your consultation.

Features of this technology include:

  • Multiple diagnostic options with purer light capabilities remove the purple ‘haze’ of visible light emitted by traditional lamp bulbs. This helps deliver a more precise diagnosis.
  • Reveals visible and underlying skin imperfections including accumulated sun damage (lentigines), oily skin and congested pores, dehydrated and thinner skin areas, uneven texture, and poor desquamation (peeling skin).
  • Helps track your skin-care progress over time through smartphone photography of diagnostic sessions.
  • Allows your medical provider to recommend the best regimens and products based on diagnostic results.

While some skin concerns and imperfections are visible in everyday light, some will only be visible under UV light which highlights damage beneath the skin’s surface by detecting your skin’s fluorescence.

The SkinScope LED has two light modes: simulated Daylight mode for reviewing visible skin conditions and concerns, and a LED-UV light mode for reviewing skin fluorescence.

Daylight mode

The simulated Daylight mode allows for the clear illumination of ‘visible’ concerns both to you and your dermatologist.

LED-UV mode

The LED-UV mode illuminates sub-surface imperfections visualized by the natural fluorescence of your skin. This brings to life concerns that may be faintly visible in daylight but are much clearer under UV light. While healthy skin reflects back UV light, creating a blue glow, melanin in the skin absorbs the light showing as dark spots on the surface of the skin. Similarly, congested pores give off pink or orange fluorescence, oily skin is visible in a yellow color, and dry flaky skin shines as bright white fluorescence. Large patches of darker blue indicate areas of thinner, dehydrated skin.

The benefits of this technology are clear:

  • Enhances diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Encourages follow-up engagement through smartphone photography
  • Helps track your progress

What is skin fluorescence?

Fluorescence is caused when one radiation wavelength is absorbed by a compound which is reflected back at a different wavelength. Certain compounds excite electrons in molecules that change the wavelength energy such that it converts from shortwave UV light to longer-wave visible light.

When a specific range of UV light illuminates your skin, it reacts in different ways based on what it comes in contact with. Melanin absorbs the light showing as an absence of color, but other compounds “excite” follicular fluorescence in the skin, changing the wavelength to colors visible to the human eyes. Based on the visible shades that are reflected back from the skin, your dermatologist is able to make a specific diagnosis that otherwise might not be possible by a simple visual inspection alone.

The Skinscope is used by our dermatologists to diagnose skin conditions and to complement aesthetic procedures. The goal is to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage.

Let Walk-in Dermatology Take Care of You

If you have concerns about any skin condition and need dependable answers, you don’t have to wonder, worry or wait. Walk-in Dermatology is here to keep you healthy. Our team of dermatologists and experienced healthcare staff will address your concerns and provide the necessary care for all your skin conditions. We can set up a Video Visit and even prescribe medications remotely, or you can schedule an appointment with us online. The choice is yours. But don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Contact us today.